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Ayurveda Marma Massage Course


$500 / 7 days

Daily 3.5 Hours


$1200 / 14 days

Daily 3.5 Hours




Ayurveda Marma Massage is a great Ayurvedic therapy to study. The Ayurvedic specialized therapist will be teaching you and the Ayurveda Marma Massage Courses are designed based on Ayurvedic Texts.

In Ayurvedic Texts, there are 107 Marma points in the body and the Marma Massage considers the points in the body where 5 elements meet.

Ayurshanti course describes how these marma points are extremely beneficial in treating various diseases. In the course, students will able to learn the importance of marma points and how to make massage bases on these marma points.

They also learn how to make one feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage of entire body. The sense of positivity and positive vibe to create with regard to the clients.

Key Highlights

  • Ayurveda and Marma Massage
  • Knowing 107 points of Marma
  • How to make Marma Massage
  • Feeling of Relaxation
  • A power of rejuvenation
  • A way to fresh and new life
  • Usage of Marma Massage

Price Include

  • Pick up & drop to airport
  • Single or shared accommodation
  • All Courses are based on Syllabus
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Yoga asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation programs
  • Full day meal and herbal drinks
  • Ayurvedic Pandits advice
  • Advice on lifestyle management and diet


  • Detailed history of Marma Points massage
  • Learning the three doshas (Tridosha theory)
  • Diverse temperaments
  • Pulse Reading and Diagnosis
  • Advantages of Marma Points Massage 
  • Factors when Marma Massage should not be advised
  • Practical Massage Session
  • The Human Body and Marma
  • Detailed study of each marma point
  • Learning to press each point
  • Relation of each marma point with its corresponding organ

Daily Schedule

The course is of seven days or of one week

The courses are offline

Medium of Instruction is English

Time Schedule
06:30 AM Morning Tea
07:00 AM Yoga & Pranayama
09:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Class- 1
11:30 PM Tea Break
12:00 PM Class - 2
01:00 PM Lunch
03:00 PM Herbal Drink
04:30 PM Class - 3
06:00 PM Dinner

What to Bring

  • Bring your Identity Card or Visa
  • Carry 2 photocopies
  • Sunscreen, Body Cream, Hat, Sun Glasses, Shampoo, Toiletries, Clothes detergent ( All your personal things)
  • Small lock for your closet
  • Bring comfortable clothes
  • Anything else you need everyday
  • Yoga mats
  • Medical documents
  • Bring your own towels
  • Please DO NOT bring any valuables

Price Plans

Duration Twin Sharing Room Private Room
7 Days



14 Days



Twin sharing conditions*

Twin share pricing is applied only when you book with another person. If you want to reduce the cost by sharing the room with the same gender, please email us the probable dates along with your name, age, gender, medical history etc. Then, we can try to find a suitable roommate to share. If another person agrees we can share their contact info with you to plan a trip together

Additional days with treatment ;

$150/day/room plus food and treatments

Additional days without treatment ;

$100/day/room plus food

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