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Top 5 Ayurvedic Courses In Kerala 23JUN

Top 5 Ayurvedic Courses In Kerala

Kerala is the state which has ample amount of Ayurvedic plants, trees and creepers in it. The thick forest of Kerala has all the medicinal plants and trees, which have been used to make a lot of Ayurvedic Courses in Kerala.

1) Ayurvedic Fundamental Foundation Course

In this course, the basics of Ayurveda is being taught. The courses are available on short time as well as long time basis. The main aim of this course is to teach importance of Ayurveda to make people aware of Ayurvedic facilities. What is Ayurveda? How it is useful in day to day life? How to make use of it ? all these types of basic concepts will be taught to give the strong foundation.

2) Ayurveda Cooking Courses

Ayurveda claims, "You are what you eat." Ayurveda cooking courses furnishes the significance of Ayurveda and gives insights about the Ayurvedic diet principles with profound knowledge concerning the natural way of living.

Introduction of Ayurveda and its importance, concept of Tridosha & Prakriti, insight on common Ayurvedic herbs & spices, home remedies, nutrition & diet management, concepts of the six tastes and other lessons would be taught.

3) Marma Massage Course

Marma massage is the best therapy treatment with tender hands and a good training from the marma master. Marma symbolizes the point of body where five elements meet. These are joints, muscles, bones, vessels and ligaments. The marma massage by an expert teacher would make the person feel positively, relaxed and rejuvenated. The course disseminates the various lessons which are specific and powerful in Marma Siddanta.

4) Ayurvedic Basic Herbal Course

In Ayurveda most of the times herbal therapies are very much useful. The course offers the basic knowledge of herbs and herbal usage in day to day life. Herbs and their healing properties should be taught to increase the knowledge. Making herbal tea to making herbal face mask , all these are available in the course

5) Ayurvedic Beauty Course

Beauty course without any harm on the skin is what everyone wants today. When people became aware of chemicals which are used in non-organic products, they turned their face towards simple and natural way of caring themselves. The Beauty course schedules the skin benefited Ayurvedic properties and teaches the people to make use of it.