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Top 5 Ayurveda Retreats In India 23JUN

Top 5 Ayurveda Retreats In India

Since the prehistoric days, India has been considered as the earth of holistic healing. The Indian retreats are based on Ayurveda and Yoga, these two pillers creates the zone of happiness, relaxation and wellbeing. From the Himalayas to Kanyakumari , there are several famous Ayurvedic retreats for relaxation, self-improvement and spiritual gain.

Top five retreats are mentioned here to help you:
1) Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat is one of the most famous retreats that blends Ancient Ayurvedic qualities and Traditional Yoga together. This retreat works wonders with people by transforming them to spiritual zone. The mind and soul becomes calm and spiritual. The spiritual quality of Yoga and Herbal property of Ayurveda gives the kind of relaxation to the body and soul. At present time, the combination of Yoga and Ayurveda is at the first place to maintain the health. Meditation and Yoga starts your day, and various Asana's like Padmasana, Vajrasana to different exercise for the parts of body make one feel relaxed. The Ayurvedic herbal therapies and various treatments with yoga brings the transformation in the people.

2) Ayurveda Immunity Retreat

Ayurveda Immunity Retreat is the most relevant one for today's conditions. The therapy centre itself is located amidst the forest and from there it begins. Immunity boosting Ayurvedic herbs and spices such as guduchi , ashwaganda, turmeric, tulsi, ginger, cinnamon, neem, brahmi, honey are used for treatment. The various types of therapies made by herbs will make people feel rejuvenated and during the course of retreat one can best build his immunity.

3) Ayurveda Lifestyle Retreat

One's health greatly depends on his lifestyle. Thus the Ayurveda lifestyle is one that people should adopt in the present scenario. Ayurveda lifestyle begins with meditation in the early morning and extends to yoga and exercises. Further, the nutrition, food will be served with good taste and proper diet should be maintained. The lifestyle sessions are conducted to teach people how to lead there life and to maintain their lifestyle.

4) Ayurveda Balancing Retreat

The balance in the mind, body and soul is entirely based on the Prakruti or nature of an individual. The Three Doshas should be in balance, otherwise it will lead to illness. The Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha, our physicians treat people with Ayurvedic remedies to bring the balance in them. After all the process, one can feel the happiness.

5)Ayurveda Women's Retreat

Ayurveda Women's Retreat, is a new retreat for all the females. The women is the centre of this Ayurvedic retreat and all the women regardless of age, creed and caste is allowed to take this retreat. Therapies for skin and beauty, yoga, healthy diet, massages, women fitness, menstrual circles and other women related problems are taken care of. It aims at transforming, pampering and making them joyful. This is a special opportunity for all women to join and flourish.

All these Ayurvedic retreats of India aim to make people happy, relaxed and at the same time providing them a good health.